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    OpenOffice is available for GNU-Darwin-ppc. Just type 'pkg_add -rf openoffice', or get it on hard media. Launch with 'ooffice'.

    Additional GNU-Darwin OpenOffice installation notes.

    The OpenOffice packages are rather complex, and it appears that there is a bug under certain configurations, which results in an abrupt abort. Here is the workaround.

      su root
      cd /usr/local
      tar -zxf openoffice-1.0.1gd-beta.tgz
      rm ./+*

    Of course, you will have to give the correct path for the openoffice package. This also appears to work with the more recent version, which is available online.

    pre-Darwin-6/OS 10.2:

    Darwin-6/OS 10.2 and above:

    OpenOffice is not yet available for GNU-Darwin-x86.